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SIGNS OF ABUSE IN CHILDREN-Involve Your Child In Safety Measures

Signs Of Abuse In Children

Any parent will cringe at the thought of their child being abused. Any sign of abuse in children and any form of mistreatment towards them is something that should not be taken lightly.

And sometimes, out of ignorance, parents and guardians can be perpetrators of child abuse in all its forms. I’m sure a parent beating up a child may not think much of it other than a disciplinary action. Another parent may subject their child to chores or duties that are way above a child. But the truth of the matter is, the child has to understand and appreciate any form of disciplinary action or duties. Otherwise, that would be a big psychological issue on the child and a flop on your parenting.

You are not always with your children, what measure have you put in place to ensure that they are free from physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse? Do they know when they are abused and when to report?

 Signs Of Abuse In Children

  •  One common sign of abuse is withdrawal. A child may refuse to join others in playing and mainly keep to themselves.
  •  A child may be on very high alert at the mention of certain people or places, and will not want to be near such places or people.
  •  A child may also wear over sized clothes to feel ‘safe’ or even to hide bruises.
  •  Your child may also exhibit extreme behavior like disobedience and always being on the defensive. This could be their way of coping with abuse.
  •  You should also not ignore signs like constant headaches, weight loss or extreme weight gain. Food is known to be a ‘go-to’ when one is depressed.

Safety Measure- Train Your Child To Recognize Abuse

It is paramount that your child knows when they are being abused. The following are key pointers;

  •  Unwarranted adult (or older person) attention of the opposite gender, especially on their looks, comments like, ‘You will turn up to be a fine woman’, and fondling. Studies show that sexual abusers are characterized by these habits.


  •  Bullying/ Belittling comments are forms of abuse that your child might experience. They might come from people you entrust your children with like caregivers and teachers.


  •  Teach your children to stand up for themselves and threaten to report anybody that wants to physically assault them. It is better to have a scared abuser than a child with fractures or other forms of physical abuse that might be fatal.


  • Your child should also know that they are not supposed to engage in work before the legal age. We are not talking about children helping out their parents in their places of business and such, we are talking about exploitation by adults. This involves children being asked to work for payment, and in most cases these payments do not come through or they end up being paid peanuts.

The list above is not exhaustive as there are many more types of child abuse including neglect, cyber bullying, child trafficking and many others.

 Reporting Abuse

Now that your child understands abuse, are they capable of reporting? It is important to create relationships with your children where they can talk to you about anything and everything. As a parent or guardian, the best thing you can do for your child is to listen and understand. This way, you will be able to pick up what transpires in their day to day lives and take action if need be.

You need to physically examine your child and watch out for any bruises and cuts. Your child should be able to explain the cause of any injuries, both accidents and inflicted.

Your child should also report abnormal behaviors of caregivers that may cause them to be negligent. This includes consumption of alcohol and indulgence of drugs in inappropriate time and place.

Take Action

The war against child abuse cannot be won by one party. Every state has a Child Protection Act and Policies that are put in place to ensure that children are protected from all forms of abuse.

We are mandated to report and stand against child abuse, be it our own children or not.