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Best Tips To Avoid Child Abduction

As the story goes, *Mona went to the park with her only child. This was the norm as every other sunny Saturday morning. Nothing appeared unusual. Within a minute of entering the park, while other children got busy, a child abduction occurred.

The park was filled with kids running around, lemonade stands at one corner, the kids’ entertainer at the other corner, and of course, parent that seemed to enjoy watching their children run around, were seated at the park’s seating area. Most of the parents had gotten to know each other at the park and some were catching up on the latest gossip.

In a blink of an eye, Mona lost sight of her child, and that was the beginning of a very horrifying period in her life. Years later she is still looking for her missing child, hoping to find her alive, having missed her growing up period.

Take a moment to imagine a very public place where you and your children often frequent. There are even days you have sent your children out on their own because you felt they are old enough to walk around the public. But have you ever imagined a situation where they would be kidnapped in front of your very own eyes? This should not come as a surprise, as statistics show that a child goes missing every few seconds, when they are with their own parents.

This begs the question; Have you taught or trained your child to sense a kidnap threat and what to do in such situations?

But first,

Top 8 Possible Triggers of Child Abduction

1. Ransom is one of the highest reasons for a kidnap. A kidnapper may or may not know your financial background. But once they get the notion that they can fleece some ransom out of you, they will not hesitate. It is therefore important to keep your financial or wealth records away from public eye.


2. Religious cults could also be another reason for kidnap. Some religions may feel justified to hold children captive as a religious practice. Some cults even convince children that their parent are not ‘theirs’ and that they need to leave the home in order to get a reward, i.e promise of heaven, eternity, or other extreme promises.


3. Spousal/Partner differences may also be another contributing reason. Even if the court has settled child custody, a partner may feel that the child arrangement is not fair, therefore choose to abduct the child. Some parents have been known to abduct their own children and go to faraway places where they cannot be traced.


4. Revenge kidnapping is also common. This is where a child is abducted in order to settle a score. This might be perpetrated by a co-worker or a person you have known from other areas of your life.


5. Persons with mental or psychological disorder may be triggered to abduct a child. Mentally ill persons may fantasize about a child they often see. Such people may take the child not necessarily to hand them but just to keep them for themselves.


6. Child labor is also a common reason for child kidnap. This is common especially in underdeveloped countries where they still tolerate child labor. This basically means a child works for free until when they are able to free themselves from their abductors, most likely when they get to be adults.


7. Similar to child abduction is ‘bride abduction’. Young girls are abducted so as to become wives, mostly to older men.


8. Sexual exploitation also leads to child abduction. Children are abducted and taken to far-away places where they are forced into prostitution for the gain of the abductors.


Below are some of the best tactics that your children can learn to keep themselves safe and avoid being kidnapped by strangers, or known persons.


7 tips you can use to train your child to prevent abduction


1. Teach your children to refrain from engaging with strangers. Once they give the stranger attention, they could easily be probed into giving personal information that might give the kidnapper a full background of your family trend and movements. Such information could be the time everyone leaves the house, when they get back, the schools the children go to, how they get back home and so on.


2. Teach your children to not accept personal favors and gifts from strangers. This is usually a tactic used by kidnappers to gain trust of the child. Once the child is fully aware of this person, they become interested and comfortable in their offers and decide to follow them without much thought.


3. Let your children tell you who they’re going out with, where they’re headed to, and who will be the supervising adult. There should be an adult present at all times.


4. If there is an attempt of kidnap or forceful interaction, let your child know that they should scream, bite, scratch or do whatever it takes to get the attention of the public. Such actions also scare the would-be kidnapper away.


5. Always make sure that your child knows emergency numbers off-head. This would help them to easily reach you or the police when the need arises.


6. In instances where you have to leave your children alone in the house, let them know that they should not open the door to anyone. They should also not answer the phone and if they do so, they should let the caller know they are not alone.


7. It is also possible to loose your child in a crowded place, not necessarily to a kidnapper. Your child may just wander off. Teach them to always walk toward a policeman or a security officer at a building and ask to be assisted.


As a parent or guardian, you do not want to receive the information that your child has been abducted for whatever reason. While we may not be with our children all the time, it is important that we let them know that kidnapping is real and that it happens all the time. Your children should be conscious of their environment at all times, and they should also be able to practice all the above measures in order to reduce their chances of being abducted.