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Best Security Alarm Systems-Best Buying Guide

Security cannot be overemphasized, both at home and in business. You want to be cognizant when a security breach is detected. With advance technology, we are now able to counter security threats with the provision of the best security alarm systems.

A number of security alarm systems offer a number of protections. The most commonly used alarm systems is the burglar alarm, duress alarm, anti-theft car alarms and commercial alarms. Such special functionalities come in handy when you need to categorize the type of security threat. This will result in quicker and relevant help arriving in time.

How Security Alarms Work

The main function of the security alarm is to deter any invader. The alarms are supposed to monitor every area and send messages directly to you or law enforcement if and when the alarm goes off.

Alarms can be categorized into closed- circuit system or open-circuit systems. Both contain sensors that have sensor inputs and signals, with a circuit board and power supply within its unit. They can contain keypads that are usually mounted on adjacent walls that allows the user to interact with it. If a wrong code is keyed in, or an entry is attempted without a code, indicator lights, alarms and sirens will be launched to indicate an intrusion.

Smart Security Alarms will:

  • Activate your precise location to enable helpers detect where you are.
  • Alert neighbors of possible intrusion.
  • Send signal to law enforcement through auto dial function on the alarm system.
  • Send signal to fire department especially if the alarm system detected fire.

Where To Install Security Alarm Systems

First off, you want to make sure that there is power supply in the area that you want your system install. This is because most security systems are powered by electricity.

The best place to install your camera is at entry points of your premises. This will include your primary entry and secondary entries.

Also consider placing sensors on your windows as burglars are known to break windows in attempts to get into a premise.

You have valuables in the house? Get a heavy, unbreakable safe box that cannot be lifted. Install your keypad security alarm that only authorized individuals can access. They keypad function will allow you to enter special code to break open the safe.

NOTE: Your premises should have a warning sticker to indicate that the area is under security monitoring. It is much safer to scare away would-be burglars, than to have them access your premises.

Consider This When Purchasing A Security Alarm System

  • First, you will need to determine where and what you want protected. With this in mind, you will be able to get the most out of your security alarm systems in terms of multiple functionalities.
  • It should have easy to follow instructions and operating mechanism. This should include simple keypads with clear writing and clear symbols or colors.
  • Also, your security alarm system should have the capabilities to automatically transmit status messages to a connected medium or device. Other than sounding the alarm, your system should be able to send that alarm over to a phone via voice or text message.
  • It is important to connect your security alarm system to a security firm that is able to act on an alarm. The firm should reach out to you to confirm if the alarm is true or false. There should be an acceptable response time from both your security firm and yourself.
  • Also, regularly test out your alarm system sensors and keypad functions.
  • Make sure that your systems have been turned on every time you leave your premises.
  • A great security system has the ability to send silent alarms as well as audible alarms. Silent alarms come in handy especially when you don’t want to cause panic to your intruder as this may turn violent and dangerous.
  • Also, ask your alarm installer to provide a special duress code. This will also come in handy when you are under a threat and are being forced to disarm the alarm. This code will act like you are disarming the alarm but in real sense, you are sending a silent distress alarm.
  • Make use of advanced security alarm systems. These systems should include a phone mechanism that allows you to hear and access the system, even if you are far away from the premises. From here, you can be able to determine the nature of emergency, perform commands on your phone, arm or disarm the security alarm.
  • Regularly change your alarms system code. Make sure that only permitted persons are aware of the code.
  • It is important that you have a back-up plan for your security alarms as they are mostly reliant on electricity. If you have the option of using batteries, make sure that you have extra pairs of batteries to avoid being off the alarm.

Security Alarm Maintenance

  • As you clean your premise, make sure that your security alarm is also cleaned gently. Avoid using concentrated chemicals that might damage the device sensors. You can use a damp cloth to gently wipe off any dirt. This is important as accumulated dirt and dust will also block sensors sensitivity.
  • You should not attempt to repair your security alarm by yourself. You might be at risk of electric shock from the high voltage in your device.
  • Also, place your security alarm in places they were intended for. It will be disastrous to place a security system that was intended for inside environment, outside. They could be prone to extreme weather condition.

As much as we want to combat and reduce crime rates, we have a role to play other than depending on technology alone.

Below are some of the things we should look at:

  • Let every member of the family or business enterprise know that security starts with them. It will be useless to install all the security devices within your premises only for individuals to neglect simple procedures like clocking in/out, enabling security alarms, locking doors etc.
  • Keep your surrounding well lit and visible. Dark corners within your premises are likely to attract intruders. Trim off any long and huge branches that are blocking your windows. You should be able to look through and past your window at all times.
  • Avoid displaying your security codes and keys in view of everyone. Only authorized people should have access to keys and codes. This way, it will be easier to pin point where the security breach occurred.
  • Other than the sound alarms, it is important to have motion sensors within your premises. This will deter any further movement towards your doors or windows.
  • Invest in all the necessary security gadgets that will compliment your security alarm systems. They include security cameras, good key and locks and security personnel.

Insecurity is one thing that constitutes a major problem in every country. Constant attention is required when it comes to protecting your loved ones and your property.

Taking full advantage of enhanced technology is one way of combating threats and fears regarding security.