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Best Home Security Tips-Garage Door Openers

Automated and sophisticated garage doors, with the use of remote garage openers might be thought useful only if one owns expensive automobiles. But this should not be the case. Safety is a concern in all aspects. Studies show that the garage door is one of the most preferred entry points for intruders.

Thanks to the ever improving progress in electronics, garage doors have not been an exception. We can now have our garage door operated electronically and remotely, while monitoring the entire garage activities.

Why Remote Garage Openers?

  • How many times have we been forced to rush back home just to confirm if we closed the garage door? This is a lot of time wasted on trips back home.
  • Also, let us not forget the hustle we go through while trying to pull down or push up the garage door which sometimes ‘refuses’ half way.
  • Not only are you able to automatically open and close your garage door, but you are also able to know if there are any obstructions in the garage. This is made possible by magnetic sensors that are placed in the door to detect any obstacles in the floor of the garage. With this mechanism, you will be able to press the ‘emergency ‘ button on your remote controller and immediately stop further motion of the gate.
  • Remote garage openers also come in handy in situations where your safety is concerned. This may occur when an unwanted person is trying to follow you to your destination. If you are fast enough, you can easily open your garage gate from a few meters away and rush in, as you close it, all without getting out of your car.

Consider This For Your Garage Door

  • Get a door that has enhanced roll-back up speed once it detects an object. This will minimize the risks of harm in case anyone is in the way of the garage door.
  • Install a door that will require very little space for it to open. This should allow the car to be closely parked by the door and still enough room will be left for the garage door to open.
  • You should also get a garage door that opens vertically. This type of doors are opened towards the ceiling of you garage and they are very effective in terms of parking space unlike when you need to open the door towards the inside or the outside.
  • Your garage door must be properly balanced. A door that is not balanced may cause personal injury and give room for manual tampering by intruders.

Types of Garage Doors

  • Sectional Doors

Considered one of the most preferred garage doors, these doors open vertically and are suspended in the ceiling of the garage. They are made up of a number of panels brought together by hinges. These automatic doors are known to save space as they roll up and fit into a small space at the ceiling. They operate just within your garage with no chance of overstretching towards the outside or the inside of the garage. This will allow you to park close to the door of the garage without blocking it from opening.

These types of doors also work best if you have a small garage and also a shorter driveway as they maximize on space.

Other than their functionality, they are considered attractive compared to other types of doors. You can easily have a design specialist craft one of these gates to your preferred liking.

  • Flex-A-Door

These doors are similar to the sectional door, but with a corrugated metal door instead. Made of metal curtain, the flex-a-door slides around into a corner. The corners are fitted with tracks to accommodate the door as it slides, all the way up the ceiling.

These doors are designed to open with an automatic garage door opener. This will also allow you to open your garage door even if you have packed directly in front of your garage.

  • Rolling Doors

These are insulated doors that get into motion with the help of springs and electric motors. They roll upwards and may be installed on either concrete or steel.

Their locking mechanism is usually at the bottom of the curtain and are ideal for small to medium-sized garages.

Purchasing a Garage Door Opener

1. Make sure that your remote opener has all the buttons labeled correctly, and in a way that you can understand. Do not just rely on symbols or colors that will force you to guess the meaning out of them.

2.Make sure that all the buttons function as indicated. You can do a test on them once installation has been completed.

3. Always make sure that your remote opener has an emergency button. This will come in handy when you have a sudden obstruction such as a child trapped when the door is rolling down.

4. A good opener should still function when there is a power outage. It should contain a manual release that can allow the door to be disconnected, providing access in and out the garage by manually operating the door.

5. You should be able to program your garage door opener to accept different functionalities. This should allow you to add a wireless keypad that can open more than one garage door. The wireless keypad comes with a security code for enhanced security.

6. Also, it is paramount that you get your hands on a universal garage door remote opener. This will come in handy especially when you have misplaced your original garage opener.

7. Get a comprehensive safety inspection to test out your garage door opener safety standards. This will include evaluation on your garage door and all the functionality of the garage opener.

    Operating The Garage Door Remote Opener.

    1. One thing to note is that you must operate the garage door opener strictly according to the manufacturer’s instruction. After all, they know best what they are talking about.

    2. Once you have purchased your opener, get professional help in installing it. This is because there will be electrical wires involved. You do not want to blindly install and later realize that you did it the wrong way.

    3. Once you have had professionals install the opener, you must do tests to ascertain that the opener is functioning the right way. You must test for all the buttons functionality especially the reverse and emergency sensitivity.

    4. You should only activate the garage door opener when the door is free of obstruction. Make sure that no children, pets or items are obstructing the door.

    5. Do not allow your children to operate the opener. They might cause harm to themselves while the garage door is in motion.

    6. Always make sure that door is fully opened before driving into or out of the garage.

    7. You should not only focus on your garage door. Always make sure that all windows and any other doors within your home is always locked. In cases where garages are fitted with widows, opt to have a frosted window glass. This will block intruders from surveying the inside of your garage.

      Consider your garage door as an element that plays a big role in your safety. Getting the right type of door and its remote capabilities will save you all the headaches that come with unmanned gates. With such openers, you can easily monitor your garage’s activities, from wherever you are, remotely and take the necessary action required.