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Best 10 Child Proof Items- What Every Home Should Have

                                                                   Like any other home,  your home has a few hazards and you must child proof your environment to prevent injuries that could be fatal.

We cannot entirely control a child’s movement and activities. The best we can do is to place protective tools and equipment to minimize any potential dangers.

What are these hazards in our homes?

  • Open Fires

Whether from the cooking stove or the fireplace, fires are dangerous in every aspect. Yet, we cannot do without them. With a baby in your home, you will need to take every precaution to block them from being near fires without your supervision.

  • Electric shock

Just by touching a light switch or power socket, you could get shocked. This may be caused by improper home electrical system, poor/ loose wiring and wear and tear. As a safety measure, it is paramount you know what step to take to prevent electric shocks that could turn fatal.

  • Water

Water, arguably the most important resource in the whole wide world could also be a potential hazard. This is so in cases of drowning, burns (hot water), and even electrocutions. It cannot be emphasized enough, the need to take all precautions where water is involved. This includes swimming pools, toilet bowls, drainage systems and bathrooms.

  • Potential Falls

The playful nature in children will cause them to explore within the house. From games to sheer curiosity, children can get into high places within the house and fall, head first. It is approximated that 10 children die every year as a result of falls alone.

Learn to secure you home from potential falls.

  • Poisonous Ingestion

We cannot just assume that our children will know what to ingest and what not to. We are safer if we keep the dangerous stuff out of children’s reach.

To prevent such hazards, below are 10 most important equipment you will need to baby proof your home.

1. Doors/Window Locks

Imagine a door where a child could easily open and find himself outside without your knowledge. Or worse, a high-up window that can fit your child. These are scenarios that you don’t have to go through. There are several safety locks available to suit your needs. Find a safety door or window lock, mostly a separate device that is designed to make it impossible for unsupervised children from going through doors and windows.

2. Safety Gates

You might be thinking, a gate inside a house? Well, this should be the case especially if you have toddlers. These safety gates are especially placed in places within the house that you want your children off from completely. This is more so in stair cases, kitchens, bathrooms and fire places. You also need to get a gate that has complicated mechanism, to prevent the toddler from figuring out how to open the gate.

3. Socket Covers

It goes without saying that there is nothing as dangerous as electric shock and fires. Yet, every home is prone to this hazard. For a baby especially, their curiosity can lead them to insert their fingers or other objects into sockets and hence get electrocuted. It can be more dangerous if the socket has exposed live wires.

Make sure you get a socket cover that protects your child from exposure while remaining functional. You do not want to keep plugging and unplugging the cover.

4. Furniture Strap

Your children may engage in super active games of hide-and-seek and the likes. This might prompt them to hide under beds, on top of closets or behind other furniture. You need to make sure that your furniture is well secured in place, using strong furniture straps. This will prevent furniture from toppling over and harming your children. Do not ignore this measure even if you think your furniture is stable enough.

5. Fire Guard

When you get down to cozy up by the fireplace, remember every safety measure associated with it. You might light a fire by the fireplace and get distracted. The best way to enjoy you fireplace is to place a fireguard.

Remember a good fireguard is one that does not overheat, as this might burn any hand that touches it. Also, make sure that the fireguard is permanently locked in place, with complicated mechanism. It should also have curved corners to avoid sharp cuts.

6. Oven Door Guard/ Stove Nob Covers

Who doesn’t like a nicely baked meal? Children are always curious in the kitchen. You should not be shocked if a child opens the oven door during your baking moments. But the worst would be when they reach into the food that is baking.

You can prevent this by installing

7. Cabinets/Drawer Latches

These devices are very useful when you need to keep dangerous products that could easily be ingested by children. Things like cleaning detergents, medicines, chemicals and other harmful products should be safely tucked away with the help of a strong latch. You can easily get latches that have digital mechanism like number mechanism or pattern mechanism. These are not only more secure, but also simple to operate.

8. Toilet Seat Lid Lock

We know that babies are fascinated by water, water in this case also include the toilet bowl water. It should come as no surprise that there have been reported cases of toilet drowning. As weird as this might sound, it is important that you take all measure to keep your toilet bowl out of babies reach not only for their health benefits, but also for their safety.

A sure way is to get a simple toilet lock that shuts into place every time you place the toilet lid down. Make sure you get one that is strong enough to withstand any attempts of tamper by toddlers.

9. Pool Gate Alarm & Lock

To prevent children engagement in the pool without an adult’s knowledge and supervision, then the pool gate is the best way to go. This is more functional if you have secured the pool areas with a high-up fence. The gate should also be high enough and should be firmly mounted. A good pool gate should also have strong hinges and a latch that can lock itself automatically once it is closed.

A pool alarm will also alert you of any activity within the pool area. The pool alarms may be installed at the pool gates, the pool fence anywhere else around the pool.

10. Bed/Crib Mesh Liner.

After about 10 months, babies can easily get out of their cribs, find somewhere to stand on and roll out of their cribs.

A mesh liner is installed in cribs to prevent feet and arms from sticking through the crib, which might cause injuries, and even dislocation.

A good mesh liner should have great ventilation space and should be easy to install. The mesh liner does not take too much room in the crib, compared to baby bumpers and pillows.

Luckily, children don’t stay children forever. As they grow older, you will find yourself removing some of the baby proof items. Of course, this comes with a little sigh of relief. But this does not mean you ignore the safety measures all together. You might need to keep some of these items in place for days when you will have guests with toddlers.